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Our Leadership Coaching Program is designed to revolutionize productivity and foster the development of cohesive and empowered teams.


Leadership Training Courses are held monthly from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST. Each interactive session is 60 minutes.

Becoming A Leader Who Influences People

DATE: October 12, 2023

$135/per person

Leading people in a clinical setting is more than managing those whose actions we are responsible for. Leadership implies that there are loyal followers who are in alignment with the plans and objectives set before them. In this class you will learn which characteristics are most valuable in creating a path that people choose to embrace. The importance of guiding and motivating others requires specific skills for leading that are enhanced with high levels of emotional intelligence.

Leading and Managing in a Professional Manner

DATE: November 9, 2023

$135/per person

Leading and managing, although they may overlap, they are very different skill sets. Through this presentation, the attendee will learn to separate the two concepts as they explore the value of strong leadership skills that will enhance the role of "Manager". Leading clinical teams in a professional manner will not only provide higher quality patient outcomes and improved clinical processes, but it will also greatly improve job satisfaction for all healthcare providers.

Enhancing Accountability

DATE: December 7, 2023

$135/per person

In this class you will learn what it means to be fully accountable to your supervisor, yourself, your colleagues and your patients. The value of a culture of accountability is presented to help you understand how important it is to "do what you say you will do!" and how this simple professional practice will enhance every aspect of our organization.

Building Trust

DATE: January 11, 2024

$135/per person

In this class you will learn to identify an organization which operates in a highly effective and trusting environment. Characteristics of trust are defined and steps to take which will earn trust are clearly described. The presence of a trusting, and trusted team adds value to any organization by providing a confident and positive work environment in which employees thrive.

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