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Our Leadership Coaching Program is designed to revolutionize productivity and foster the development of cohesive and empowered teams.


Leadership Training Courses are held monthly from 1:00pm-2:00pm EST. Each interactive session is 60 minutes.

Communication / Active Listening

DATE: March 14, 2024

$135/per person

Communication is a skill that affects all areas of any organization's operations. Communication is fundamental when addressing patient concerns, patient's family questions and/or clinical staff. This presentation discusses the value that excellent communication skills can bring to any working team and explores various facets of optimal communication. The attendee will be given tips in providing good communication from the perspective of the speaker and the listener. Thus Active Listening is included as a core skill for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.

Coaching and Motivating While Managing

DATE: April 11, 2024

$135/per person

This presentation will provide insights into the benefits of good coaching to enhance productive behaviors in the workplace. Tips for having difficult conversations will enhance the attendees ability to address issues timely and confidently, which results in higher productivity. Attendees will learn how to identify specific, appropriate motivators that will directly influence outcomes, resulting higher productivity and job satisfaction.

Conflict Management

DATE: May 9, 2024

$135/per person

Through this presentation, Conflict is defined with the goal to reduce the negative connotation of the concept. Attendees will learn how to effectively and concisely address issues which arise from varying, and different perspectives. Conflict may arise in an often-stressful environment that is the very essence of healthcare. Using conflict as a tool for growth and change can enhance an organization's processes leading to increased productivity and positive outcomes.

Sustaining Workplace Values in an Ever Changing Environment

DATE: June 13, 2024

$135/per person

Change is prominent and continuous change is inevitable. Organizations that have strong corporate values are better equipped to foster an environment of growth and productivity amidst a rapidly changing world. In this course you will be able to identify your own values and work toward aligning them to the corporate values within your teams. Adapting current process to the changing surroundings of today will help sustain corporate and personal values which support success.

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