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The Need for Leadership Training

Dialysis nursing team on a break from training with Anita Lipman of GTI Consulting Group LLC

If you Google, "Why do employees leave jobs?", you will find multiple lists of reasons that researchers have identified as the top causes of employee dissatisfaction. People make career moves frequently to meet particular goals and achieve personal success. This is a positive situation, and we should encourage young professionals to develop their full potential.

While a certain percentage of people are making moves for career advancement, there are those who are genuinely seeking the job satisfaction that is not being met in his/her current situation. Both of these scenarios require a strong leader at the helm to assure that the organization is providing continuous support and guidance to employees at all times.

Leadership impacts all employees

It has been noted, even if anecdotally, that the number one reason people leave a job is due to "The Manager." While it may seem unfair to put all the blame on one individual person, we must all recognize a time when our own work environment was less than adequate to meet our need for professional and personal fulfillment, and we felt a lack of support from above. Whether we want to acknowledge this responsibility or not, an organization’s leadership greatly impacts all employees, thus ultimately impacting the level of success achieved.

It is interesting to note then, that with such high importance placed on the role of manager, there are limited resources spent on the appropriate training and preparation for the newly appointed supervisor. Common practice often dictates that we take our best technical performers and promote them to the next level.... often times without any preparation at all. It doesn’t take long to conclude that the skill set required to perform the job is very different than the skills required to lead those who perform the job. This lesson is a very painful, frustrating, and expensive experience.

Nursing leadership needs management training

Those of us in healthcare may relate to this. Healthcare training does not always prepare one for leading in a business setting. Nurses, for example, are caring and nurturing by nature. When we place a nurse in a management position without the proper tools and resources, a nurse can be easily become overwhelmed, frustrated, and eventually discouraged.

While decision making and critical thinking may be a healthcare provider’s strongpoint, it is the audience that creates the challenge. Caring for patients in need, providing empathetic care and support, can be quite different than resolving staff conflicts or deciding how to best manage budgetary requirements.

Strong nursing management creates success

Strong nursing leadership is an important contributing factor to the success of dialysis facilities across the country. In the dialysis environment, CMS guidelines require that there is a Nurse Leader in all facilities to oversee daily activities while patients receive care. Experience helps me to recognize the vital need to provide adequate training for newly appointed healthcare managers and /or employees stepping into leadership roles within an organization.

This program offers precise training designed to transition healthcare providers to leadership roles or strengthen current leadership and/or nurse manager’s skills. Our coaching program will provide the hands-on training necessary for effective management development of the facility’s team members.

What makes this program unique?

Our nurse leadership program can be also designed as a continuous ongoing training and interactive collaborative process. Organizations often offer an 8-hour day filled with information and material that creates a head-spinning response. The normal response to this is to be overwhelmed and to walk away! Time allows for continuous and collaborative oversight with individualized attention.

The topics are pertinent to daily leadership challenges. Providing one topic periodically, with follow up discussion, allows time for each concept to be absorbed and practiced. Leadership cannot be simply assigned. True leaders are groomed and developed, and we can assist you in the development of your best management team.

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